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Raku Vase

Raku Vase

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What is Raku?... basically the glazed ceramics are taken from a kiln while they are still glowing red hot (usually they cool in the kiln) and are then placed in a bin with combustible material, we used sawdust and newspaper, and put the lid on. It starves the piece of oxygen, which creates a lot of unique and often metallic colors within the glaze. Areas you leave unglazed turn matte black.

Raku firing is a wildcard as there is never much certainty as to how the final piece will turn out.. a unique design every time, with less control on the outcome as you normally have.

I had an unreasonable amount of fun playing with fire and creating this piece at a recent Raku workshop.

Approx 4" X 3.5"

Scroll photos for her baby pictures

Note: Raku is for decorative purposes only. It is not food safe and cannot hold soil or water. Best to use for display only or with a dried floral arrangement.

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