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Porcelain Sgraffito Fishy Mug

Porcelain Sgraffito Fishy Mug

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Have I told you how much I like clay? I mean I really really really do. I am so grateful and feel so fortunate to have found a creative outlet that I am so passionate about. It keeps my hands, my heart and my head very happy.

This porcelain sgraffito fishy mug holds 12 oz. The body of the mug was thrown on the potter's wheel. When it became leather hard it was trimmed and a layer of blue underglaze was applied. Then I freehand carved away some of the blue revealing my underwater ocean design.The handle was attached after the carving was complete. Then off to its first firing. After the bisque firing it was glazed with a transparent light blue celadon. Into the cone 10 gas reduction kiln at over 2300 degrees! The fish are textured and feel like they are floating in the glaze. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available for sale $65

(What I am not thrilled about is photography. Enjoy the slide show of my attempts at a good shot . 📸 🙃)

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