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Monarch Tray

Monarch Tray

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Beauty is complicated! The butterflies on this tray are painted, then waxed, and then I carved the outline, and then then back filled the carved area with black. The background is carved at different shallow depths to show thru to the clay in some areas and just to the light blue underglaze in other areas. Lots of texture! The base color behind the butterflies is a white glaze but it has a blue hue because of the blue underglaze. Follow all that? If not, no worries, all you need to know is that she's beautiful!

**I purchased the tools to carve this piece with the "Pott Money" donations you gave me. I appreciate you so much! Stay tuned to my "Pott Money" listing for my next goal.**

Approx 4 x 11 inches. $45

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