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Drippy Honey

Drippy Honey

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Yummmy in the tummy! For this technique I threw the planter in a medium colored speckled clay. I then took porcelain slip (watered down clay) applied it around the rim and tapped it down to make the drips. Then I masked off the porcelain area for glaze.

She has a small area near the bottom where she had to have some cosmetic surgery with a dremel drill. Her drip was a little too drippy, but she fixed up really nice. Slightly discounted and in the seconds category for this reason. 

Funny (but not so funny story) I have been banned from using this glaze combination of the studio. It is really really runny and has caused some havoc on the kiln shelves. Don't worry, I have a couple other glaze combinations in test phases that I'm hoping will give a similar result.

She is approx 4" X 3.5". She does not have a hole in the bottom but comes with a perfectly size plastic insert if you want to use her for a plant. Or she could be a pencil holder, whatever your little honey heart desires!

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